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DJ Prana plays to the beat of her heart. She feels utmost happiness and gratitude when engaging with the crowd and seeing their uplifted and adrenaline filled spirits dancing to the beats of her mixing. Prana specializes in House music, and masters the art of open format. She plays anything from hip-hop, pop, and electronic to hispanic music. From playing at bars/restaurants and casinos to playing for Miami Swim Week in South Beach Miami, Prana knows how to rock any type of party.

Prana is a talented Colombian, female DJ with a wide range of experience, performing at a variety of venues for many different events between West Palm Beach and Miami, FL. She has performed for clubs, bars, gyms, birthdays, weddings, private parties, community events, restaurants, retail stores, casinos, churches and corporate events. Prana has played along with Saxophonists, Electrical Violinists and Singers. She continually researches the latest music and prepares herself differently for every set.

Her vast experience with Corporate Events has helped create a good name for her in the industry, as well as her experience partnering up with select companies, including Scratch Events. Prana believes in culture and in providing a unique atmosphere every single time. Expect to be surprised with a completely different set every event.

Being born in Bogota, Colombia, Prana aims to grow her career during her future travels to her home country. Djing motivated Prana to pursue a career in Marketing and now has tons of experience in this area of study. Additionally, she creates flyers and advertises events on social media and around the area.